Apokoronas weather

The opportunities for that perfect holiday photo are endless on Crete. Whether it be walking in the gorges and capturing that special shot of the flora or the birds of prey that inhabit most of the gorges or walking through Crete’s rich countryside of heather, wild flowers, orchids near Spili, the colourful beehives put out in spring and early winter, Crete’s hinterland is marvelous for photography, not least the beautiful area of the Apokoronas which is punctuated by small churches from the Byzantine period.

Photography is about light and Crete’s light is incomparable.
The coastal regions have tremendous opportunities to photograph the picturesque Greek fishing boats and the beautiful secret sandy coves dotted through Crete. Capture those moments of late morning when the fishermen are mending their nets or capture the small fleets as they take to the sea in the early evening.
The urban photography can be endless providing great shots of the quiet village scenes and the villagers going about their daily business or just capturing the old folks in the kafeneons as they haggle over games of backgammon whilst sipping their coffees and ouzo. Walk through the old Turkish quarter with camera ready but you must ask permission if you want to get close ups of the Cretan people.
If you like the ancient Minoan ruins, where better to carry your camera than the awesome ruins of Knossos and Phaestos. The monasteries are great for photography but watch out for the signs as some monasteries frown on photography especially in the katholikos, the churches where the monks pray.
Make sure you bring spares of everything as Crete does not have many camera shops and they are mostly found in the cities.
source: TJB Photography.