Apokoronas weather

Sometimes, whiling away the hours under the Cretan sun on one of the island's many fabulous beaches just won't do for some. The more energetic of us want to get out and about and explore the island.

Whilst we don't have railways on Crete we do have land trains from Georgioupoli, great fun for all the family - be prepared for a long day. We also have a great bus service that links very nearly every village. Taxis are everywhere and still relatively cheap as the prices are regulated by the Government.

Car hire is easy but can be expensive so wise to hire only for the days you really want the vehicle. Car hire at the airport, Kalyves, Almyrida and Georgioupoli.

Detailed information below for all the forms of transport on this wonderful island.

Buses / Coaches

You've probably noticed that buses outside of England tend to look like coaches. This is a good stroke of economic sense by the continental parts of Europe as manufacturers are busy making vehicles for the tourist companies and this keeps the price of coaches stable and anyhow, a London bus would probably struggle up some of Crete's mountain roads. Which all goes to mean comfort and usually air conditioning on your bus trip.

The main operator for buses in our region of the Apokoronas and throughout the Prefecture of Chania is KTel. Fares are very cheap, for instance Chania to Heraklion is only fifteen euros whereby a car can cost upwards of thirty euros in fuel, compared with say the UK and buses usually run on time. If they don't, please don't get upset, because the driver won't.

If there are villages a bit off the beaten track, which of course there are many, either KTel or a local company will run a bus service to coincide with the main bus route times. Sometimes this can be a large or principal village.

Click here for the timetable throughout the Chania district and one last thing. If you are in Chania, the buses for local travel ie the city and as far as Souda are BLUE but the buses to get back to the Apokoronas are GREEN.
The large bus terminal in Chania for the GREEN buses is on Kydonias Street.
Local bus stop for the Venizelos Tomb, University and Souda is outside the Municipal market.
Local bus stop for Chania General Hospital is on Zymvrakakidon.
Local bus stop for areas Aghios Apostolos, Glaro, Kalamaki, Daratso and Galata is situated in the Square 1866.

Click here for maps of the village bus stops.

The bus company timetable, maps etc will open in a new tab. Just click on the tab to the left to return to Aine Cretan Villa Holidays.

Car Hire - Apokoronas area

Aine Cretan Villa Holidays cannot endorse one particular car hire company. We would advise however that if possible, and if a car is required for the whole length of your vacation, some groundwork should be done when booking your flight, as the best prices are usually offered from the airport.

As car hire on Crete can be quite expensive we would recommend only booking a vehicle for the days you only have need of a vehicle. Bus services are comfortable, clean and fairly reliable.
When hiring a car, you will find that the Greeks are fairly laid back when examining a car prior to hire and even after hire. However, we would recommend that if there are any marks, dents or scratches you notice when renting a vehicle you should:

  1. Bring the damage to the attention of the hirer.
  2. If you have a camera or phone, then take a picture of the damage.
  3. Make a note of the damage and get the hirer to sign it.

If you need to hire a car during your stay, there are two companies operating in Almyrida, two in Kalyves and three in Georgioupoli. Rates are very similar and usually only vary by the vehicle size or make. The choice is yours but it is usually down to which company has the vehicle you want. Don't be pushed into having a vehicle you are not entirely happy with.

A few important points to be aware of. If this is your first time driving on Crete, you need to be aware that the roads through the villages are very narrow and great care must be taken, especially as most villages do not enjoy footpaths so thousands of holiday makers take to the road edges to walk along. Roads in the countryside very often end in dead ends at a farm or small holding so ensure you have good maps before setting out on any journey. There are strict speed limits on the National Highway and during the summer months the police are very active. Any drink driving will be severely punished and you may incur an international ban. Only persons over the age of 23 may drive on Crete.

Should there be a dispute that cannot be resolved then contact The Tourist Information Centre of The Greek National Tourism Association located at 40 Kriari Street, Chania. Tel 28210 92943 / 92624

Click here for maps showing local car hire companies.

Motorcycles, mopeds, electric bicycles, buggies, bicycles all for hire.

All of the above can be hired throughout the Apokoronas area with main outlets at Georgioupoli, Almyrida and Kalyves. During the summer months there have been many deaths on the road involving cars and mopeds. Please ensure you do not end up as a statistic.

Check your vehicle very carefully when renting and use your common sense when using it. The police will prosecute anyone on a motorcycle or moped who is not wearing a helmet. It is also very wise to wear a safety headgear when riding a bicycle.

Do not ride any vehicle without the correct clothing. It may seem a great idea for getting a good tan by riding a moped without a shirt, but you could end up in hospital with severe sunburns or sunstroke. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE HEAT FROM THE SUMMER SUN ON CRETE.

Click here for maps showing local car hire companies.

Can You Fly ?

Well, yes you can, if you have the know how and the necessary licences. No licence, no problem, the Aeroclub of Chania can supply pilots to fly you around Crete or the islands of the Aegean in their Cessna 4 seater aircraft. For early bookings Tel 28210 27272 or visit their website at http://wwwaer.gr.


Taxis are still relatively inexpensive on Crete as all the fares are regulated by the authorities. Most cabs are driver owners and most of these do stick to the rules. It is always best to ask the driver about the fare BEFORE getting into the cab. Taxi drivers on Crete will stick to the rules though and will not overcrowd the vehicle. This is worth remembering if you have a large party and fancy a late night out in Chania.

Taxi ranks are located at:
Chania, Square 1866 and the rank to the north of the Municipal market. Prices are displayed here.
Almyrida, in the centre of the village along the beach road.
Kalyves, at the square by the school and main church.
Georgioupoli, by the town square and the road adjacent to the harbour.