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More than 300 species of birds have been reported in Crete

In the mountains are golden eagles, only a few pairs left on Crete, and Griffon and Bearded vultures. In land you will see falcons, buzzards and kestrels. On the outskirts of the villages martins, harriers, swifts and swallows are common.

Along the National highway kestrels hunt and the odd Peregrine Falcon can be seen perched aloft a high branch or telegraph pole searching out the small rats and voles that can be seen venturing onto the tarmac.

The Lakes, Agia and Kournas are great places to note the Shearwaters, Shovelers, Pochards and the evening Barn Owls out hunting.

Coastal wetlands are a resting place for migrating warblers and wagtails. The area around Matala in the south is a great place to capture the migratory flocks returning to Europe from Africa. Coastal areas are great for watching Sandplovers, Sandpipers, Turnstones, Wimbrels and Shanks

A regular visitor is the Sardinian warbler, nearly a native. A bold little bird afraid of nothing. Goldfinches are in abundance on Crete, gathering the seeds from overwintered weeds. Blue tits as common as sparrows in spring and Hoopoes never far from a beach. The high plain of Omalos is great for birdwatching, larks, pipits, plovers and the Samaria gorge close by with all it's birds of prey.

We also have large flocks of Bee-eaters and you may be lucky to see a murmaration of Starlings.