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Places of Interest

Crete has so many attractions they cannot all be listed here. There is something for everyone on this magical island and once bitten by it's charm you will be returning year after year.
# Must Do Things on Crete

Interesting places to visit whilst on holiday on the Greek island of Crete. Information on beaches, villages, gorge walking and flora and fauna.

# Beaches

All the beaches of the Apokoronas region of the Greek island Crete. Photographs and information on how to get there.

# Gorges

Descriptions and photographs of five of the best gorges to hike through on the Greek island of Crete.

# Boat trips

Some of the better boat trips around the Apokoronas and western Crete but within easy reach of the area.

# Cretan Culture

Some of the wonderful churches, monasteries, museums, fortresses and ruins you can experience whilst on holiday on Crete. This is a small offering generally located throughout western Crete, therefore accessible from the Apokoronas.

# Birds of Crete

Listings, descriptions and some photographs of birds seen on Crete, either on a migratory route or here for nesting and breeding.

# Photography

Some insights into photography on this wonderful island. The extraordinary light gives so much opportunity to portraiture and all kinds of landscape photography.

# Water Park

Fantastic day out for the whole family at Limnoupolis Water Park. One of Crete's major attractions right on the doorstep of the Apokoronas.

# Island Transport

Land sea and air travel around the island of Crete.

# Village sightseeing

Some of the better known and more accessible villages of north west Crete

# Dining Out

The Apokoronas area of north west Crete is well known for its fine eateries. Every village has a favourite taverna or restaurant favoured by the Greeks, expats or returning tourists. All the beaches are lined with some of the finest tavernas found in the Mediterranean. This is just a sample that we know are good but you can explore and find new eating places and if they are good, let us know.

# Shopping

Shopping in Chania and Rethymno is a great experience as both places offer shops selling the highest quality goods. We are very proud of our shops in these cities and the helpful and courteous manner of the Greek people.

# Apokoronas Maps

Maps of the Apokoronas with information on the important areas for people on vacation