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2017 Website heralds new dawn.

  30 Apr 2017   admin

Crete is well known for providing a fantastic skyline at sunset. However, you late risers, the skies can be even better at dawn. Just read Homer. In his Iliad he describes the dawn as " her rosy fingers cross the sky ". These rosy fingers rise to the accompaniment of brilliant yellows, oranges and purples. You just have to see it.

At Aine ( pronounced Onya ) we are experiencing a new dawn. A new, very modern website portraying our properties and this beautiful part of the world in the best possible light. The Apokoronas, which is our part of Crete, is the most fertile part of the island and the flowers trees and shrubs are a marvelous site all year round.

We're having a new experience, why don't you ? Give us a call or fill in the form on the site. We can assure you of a great holiday experience.

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