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New Law For Olive Oil Consuption

What the new laws for olive oil consumption in a restaurant in Greece will mean to the customer.

  11 Mar 2018   admin

New Olive Oil Law

From January 1st 2018, all restaurants, tavernas and kafenions anywhere in Greece will be required to provide olive oil to the table in a correctly sealed and labelled container.

small bottle of olive oil

No more open glass containers of oil with the vinegar, salt and pepper on each table. You will need to ask for the oil and will possibly have to pay for it as a separate item on the menu. If you are asked to pay, ensure that it came to your table in a sealed container. You should refuse any oil given by the restaurant staff that is not in a sealed container.

The containers will probably be very small, say a 20ml or 60ml bottle with a brand name and sealed lid or stopper.

There are a few reasons for this new law:

  • Primarily the olive oil industry is concerned that the customer may not be being treated to the best quality oil that Greece can offer. Olive oil quality is impaired by air.
  • Along with this the industry believes that as Greece produce the best olive oil in the world, anyone that tastes it should be in agreement. It means that quality can be assured.
  • If all the olive oil is purchased by the restaurant and taverna owners, then the industry can measure this and regulate the industry in a modern way. At the moment there is little accurate way of knowing how much olive oil is consumed unless the presses are approached for the figures.

Obviously the industry is very pleased with the new law and if the restaurateurs think seriously about it, they should not lose out. The olive oil they produce personally can now be sold and because the quality of the product may be improved, the status of the restaurant should improve. They may to choose to add the olive oil as a paid menu item or they may decide to absorb the cost. At first, especially during high season, this law will cause some laughter as the little bottles do look amusing when on the table.

Vinegar and Raki to follow ???

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