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Just catching Lucifers tail

  15 Aug 2017   admin

A strange name indeed. Most people reference the name against the " devil " but this was the name given to him before his fall. Lucifer means " morning star " or the planet Venus, in hebrew he is the " shining one " or " son of the morning ". Saints, bishops, John the Baptist and even Jesus have been called Lucifer in the latin scriptures and the bible does not reference Lucifer as a fallen angel.* He was also a pagan god during Greco-Roman times and now he has returned to Greece in the form of a heatwave.

We have already seen temperatures in the mid forties during July. Here on Crete, we seem to only feel Lucifer's tail as we have temperatures in the mid thirties unlike Italy suffering his breath at the mid forties.

Under normal circumstances, Crete's flora would be suffering badly under this heat, but as we had such a wet winter previously everything seems very verdant. Long may it last.

* parts of the first paragraph are extracted from wikipedia.

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